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Data lakes, Advanced analytics and Machine learning - We help you harness the power of your data.

Data & Analytics Practice

Our team of expert data architects, engineers and data scientists help enterprises and startups develop cutting edge data platforms, bring data alive through visualisations and deliver impactful insights through analytics & machine learning.

Strategy: We can help you crystallise your data problem statements, explore data platforms and architectures that best suit your needs and build a step-by-step roadmap to help you harness the power of your data.

Implementation: SquareShift can design and implement solutions with the right tools to support and enhance your data platforms and analytics projects.

Complementary capabilities: We provide additional capabilities to expand the horizons and maximise the potential of your data & analytics investments, including:

  • Enabling agile data engineering practices

  • Leveraging hybrid and multi-cloud solutions

  • Data security, compliance and governance automation

Areas Of Expertise
Data Aggregation
Acquire, cleanse, transform and unify data from multiple source systems and make it available for analytics and reporting.
Data Architecture
Build modern, cloud-native data architectures that adapt to fast-flowing data streams and allow for flexibility in combining, and analysing data assets.
Modernize Data Platforms
Evolve current data investments into modern data platforms, transform systems and processes to meet the demands of a fast-changing business.
Data Lakes
Build data & analytics applications iteratively through data lakes that provide capabilities to ingest, normalise and analyse data natively.
Data Visualization
Interact with data, understand trends, unearth deep insights through machine learning and bring your data alive.
Machine Learning
Compress analysis times of massive data sets into hours, build predictive models with very high accuracy and automate your analytics processes.
Data Warehouse
Build modern data warehouses from data lakes, automate data workflows, build rich, interactive reporting and transform legacy data platforms.
Data Governance
Automate governance and compliance by implementing modern toolchains. Enhance transparency, trust and security of data platforms.
Data Security
Protect your data from new and evolving threats through predictive threat analysis, detective controls and respond better to security incidents.
Our Data Engineering Approach
  • Articulate Problem Statement

    1-2 weeks workshops to understand business drivers and clearly articulate analytics needs and life cycle.

  • Discovery &

    2-4 weeks exercise to understand current state, tech-stacks, gaps and bottlenecks to chart a roadmap.

  • Data Platform Design

    4 weeks exercise to map workflows, design toolchains, communicate a plan and initiate a PoC / Implementation.

  • Build &

    SquareShift consultants work with the client's team to build, deploy, iterate and launch data platform / analytics solution.

  • Optimise &

    Continuous review of workflows, toolchains and processes to spot inefficiencies and optimise cost and outcomes.

Tools and Technologies

SquareShift helps a unicorn Bay-Area EdTech startup leverages its data to drive user engagement.

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