Modern Application Development

Cloud-native, high performance, iterative software development. 

Cutting Edge Software Engineering

Our technology consulting services help you steer your digital transformation with the latest technology, design thinking, agility, and evolving cloud software practices while also refreshing & modernising your legacy systems.

Modern Engineering Practices: Supercharge your innovation and IT modernisation through practices like design thinking, agile engineering and DevOps. 

Cloud-Native Architectures: SquareShift helps both born in the cloud as well as fast cloud adopters start, build and scale their workloads using cloud-native architectures.

Complementary capabilities: We provide additional capabilities that extend beyond application development to fast track your IT transformation:

  • Cloud security

  • Managed Cloud

  • Infrastructure automation

  • DevOps and DevSecOps

Areas Of Expertise
Design Thinking
Look at challenges from a different perspective, encourage creative problem solving and design stunning user experiences for your customers.
Digital Transformation
Digitise business process, empower employees, encourage innovation, delight customers and adapt to a fast-changing world.
Product Development
Rapidly adapt to new technologies, accelerate time to market, optimise costs and Stay focused on your core business.
Ui & Ux Design
Bring professional knowledge and insight into your customer research, creative design, product positioning and product-market fit.
Rapid Prototyping & MVP
From idea to apps in a matter of days. Test and learn with your target market, unearth unique customer insights and iterate fast to launch.
DevOps Enablement
Evolve from big-bang implementations to a continuous stream of innovations. Align business, development and operations streamline IT.
Agile Enablement
Drive continuous improvement, deliver value through frequent iterations, build transparency and trust between business and IT and manage risks.
Web & Mobile Apps
Build mobile-first experiences in both native and write-once-deploy-many platforms, cutting edge backend engineering and modern web apps.
MicroService Architecture
Modernise legacy apps or build cloud-native applications through a microservices-based architecture that is secure, reliable and scalable.

Tools and Technologies

 Case Study 

One of HongKong's top digital banks builds a cutting-edge DevOps stack with SquareShift

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