Are you above Cyber Poverty Line?

If you can’t maintain some form of cyber hygiene, and you don’t have the capability to hunt stealthy attackers, you are below the Cyber Poverty Line. Good News? - We can help! 

Turbocharge Your Cloud Security & Defend Against Ransomware

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Live Webinar

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Thursday, October 07, 2021

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11:00 AM to 12:15 PM PDT

Hosted by:


Elango Balusamy

CTO, SquareShift (Asia-Pacific)

Elango has been on leadership roles at Fintech startups in architecting and delivering modern applications & SaaS applications on cloud.


Venky Seenivasan

CTO, SquareShift (North America)

Entrepreneur with a spectacular track record in enterprise product development, hallmarked by strategic and technical leadership

This webinar is for you if,

  • You are having sleepless nights due to inadequate security controls

  •  You don’t have the capability to hunt stealthy attackers.

  • You want to rise above The Cyber Poverty Line

  •  You don't want security incidents to cost you upwards of $200,000


We’ll show you how to use a Unified Platform to...

  • Supercharge your defences against malware and ransomware

  • Enhance user behaviour analytics for threat detection & prevention

  • Do away with alert burnout using ML based anomaly detection & alerts