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Customer Success Stories

Elastic log management solution

Secure and scalable log management solution by leveraging bi-directional cross-cluster replication of Elastic for a leading German car manufacturer

Elasticsearch performance tuning

Elasticsearch performance and availability improvement for a global financial services conglomerate

OpenSearch for Behavioural Analytics

Intelligent content discovery & real-time behavioural analytics with AWS OpenSearch for a leading learning experience platform

Content discovery with OpenSearch  

Search relevancy and content discovery across muti-language search with OpenSearch for a leading learning experience platform.

Migration from Graylog to Elastic 8.3

Digital commerce platform migrates terabytes of sales analytics data from self-hosted Graylog to Elastic Cloud 8.3 in 8 weeks

End-to-end monitoring with Elastic

Custom integrations to ingest from all the sources for end-to-end monitoring with Elastic for a 120-year-old leading department store chain

Elastic observability implementation

Secure and scalable observability solution for a government department, with the capacity for ingestion of 1.5 TB of data every day

SOC2 compliant Elastic security SIEM

SOC2-Compliant SIEM powered by Elastic Security for Asia's leading bill payments and collection platform to proactively secure IT infrastructure.

Elasticsearch cluster optimisation

Performance optimisation of Elasticsearch clusters after migration from AWS to GCP for a largest matrimonial match making portal in Asia

Optimisation and upgrade of ECE

Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) upgrade and storage optimisation for one of the largest private banks in Asia for global traffic monitoring

Banker taking clients money for saving.jpg

A 40+ year old American commercial bank upgrades its critical clusters from Elasticsearch 7.17 to 8.x

AWS to Azure OpenSearch migration 

OpenSearch migration from AWS to Azure and deploy clusters on Kubernetes using Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) for social media platform


A web-to-print company uses Elastic Appsearch feature to improve its overall search experience


Elasticsearch Query Relevancy Tuning for Big 4 Accounting Firm



Logstash pipeline optimization for a Canadian multinational bank


2011.i402.063.Electricity and lighting flat background.jpg

Improvement of App Search Crawler for a Japanese Electrical Company

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