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Enterprise Search with Elasticsearch


Vector Search (NLP) - Search by Intent

Vector search allowing you to search by what you mean. It can quickly deliver answers to queries based on context.

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Search Relevance Tuning

Show customers you understand their needs with relevant search results that enhance their experience with your app or web portal. 

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Search Auto-Complete

Build an autocomplete functionality that runs with the speed required for an search-as-you-type experience.


Search UI/UX Development

Build search experiences with rich filtering capabilities that help your users find exactly what they need.


E-Commerce Product Search

Turn your customer product search insights into action and personalise search to reduce friction for customers.


Enterprise Content Search

Elastic for database search, document search, customer support, workplace content search to help users find what they need.

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Website and Document Search

Improve customer engagement and website performance with fast and relevant search with Elasticsearch. 


Tickets, Service Requests Search

Resolve customer issues in record time, and see satisfaction skyrocket while support costs plummet.

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Search Application Assessment

Enhance your search applications and truly delight your users. Show customers that you speak their language.

Enterprise Search with Elasticsearch

Observability with Elasticsearch 

log agreegation assessment.png

Log Aggregation Assessment

Review Log archival and retention policy. Recommendations on Log parsing and indexing for faster search


360 Degree SRE Assessment

360-degree assessment of all the existing tools, processes. Investigate the current system for availability and scalability. 

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Elastic Observability Implementation

Monitor and gain insights across your cloud-native and distributed systems, Aggregate all your observability data in one solution.

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Log Monitoring

Analyse all your data from diverse sources and get insights for structured and unstructured logs.

app. performance.moni.jpg

Application Performance Monitoring

Identify application problems with dependency, improve code quality and application performance. 

infra monitoring.jpg

Infrastructure Monitoring

complete end-to-end visibility into all your infrastructure performance. Quicker root cause analysis with intuitive visualisations.

real user m.jpg

Real User Monitoring

Deliver a better user experience by measuring, and analysing performance data that reflects real-world user experiences.

syn monitor.png

Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate the user experience, test user journeys, monitor the data flow to deliver a great customer experience. 

ML Anomaly.png

ML based Anomaly Detection  

Detect and prepare for or resolve anomalies in your application logs and forecast trends based on the patterns in historical data, 

Observability with Elasticsearch 

Security with Elasticsearch 

security assessment.jpg

Security Posture Assessment

360-degree assessment of security posture with score against TRM, SOC 2 and PCI-DSS compliance.


SIEM Readiness Assessment

Review existing infrastructure, application, data and access control to assess the level of maturity for a SIEM implementation.

elastic sec.imp.png

Elastic Security Implementation

Detect, investigate, and respond to evolving threats with Elastic Cloud. Empower security teams with actionable threat intelligence.


SIEM Implementation

Fast, scalable, and unified SIEM to stay ahead of threats, guard against ransomware and malware & invoke remote response actions.

threat intelligence.png

Threat Intelligence

empower cybersecurity team with actionable threat intelligence, respond to emerging threats and investigate in real-time.

endpoint security.png

Endpoint Security

Supercharge defences against ransomware and malware, detects advanced threats and respond across distributed endpoints.


Cloud Security

Secure your cloud deployments, defend against runtime attacks with end-to-end visibility into your multi-cloud posture.

ML Anomaly.png

ML based Anomaly Detection  

Detect and prepare for or resolve anomalies in your application logs and forecast trends based on the patterns in historical data, 

Security with Elasticsearch 

Speciality Solutions for Elasticsearch 

elastic man.service.jpg

Managed Elasticsearch Services 

Run your business applications with peace of mind by leveraging our managed Elasticsearch on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

managed elastic sec..png

Managed Elastic Security Services 

Concentrate on strategic functions while we take care of day-to-day monitoring and threat hunting with managed OpenSearch.

Cribl and Elastic Integration

Cribl and Elastic Integration

Get logs, metrics, and traces from any source to Elasticsearch with seamless integrations within your existing data infrastructure.

Tines and Elastic Integration

Tines and Elastic Integration

Empower SOC teams to leverage detection and alerting by Elastic Security with Tines to automatically respond to threats.

Sentinel and Elastic Integration

Sentinel and Elastic Integration

Detect, investigate and remediate threats in your Azure infra by leveraging Elastic Security with Microsoft Sentinel. 

Crowdstrike and Elastic Integration

Crowdstrike and Elastic Integration

Centralise monitoring with Elastic by collecting logs, endpoint data, Falcon audit data from Crowdstrike with Elastic Agent.

Speciality Solutions for Elasticsearch 

Migration to Elasticsearch 

Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 3.47.26 PM.png

New Relic to Elastic Cloud Migration

Get full suite observability, SIEM and EDR by moving to Elastic Cloud. Leverage Elastic for your enterprise/enduser search use cases.

Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 3.46.37 PM.png

Splunk to Elastic Cloud Migration

Save on your observability & SIEM bill by moving to Elastic Cloud. Get15-day free access to Kibana for Splunk users training.

Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 3.47.48 PM.png

Data Dog to Elastic Cloud Migration

Search, observe & protect everything, across any environment with Elastic. Search data across environments with ease. 

Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 4.21.19 PM.png

Legacy Elasticsearch to Elastic Cloud

Get up-to-date and leverage latest features for better site search, log aggregation and monitoring with the latest Elastic cloud. 

Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 4.21.33 PM.png

Self-Hosted Elastic to Elastic Cloud

Reduce operational costs, maintenance costs, maintain better uptime and ease-of-use by migrating to Elastic Cloud.

Migration to Elasticsearch 

Consulting & Support for Elasticsearch 

kibana dashboard.png

Kibana Dashboard Development

Drive insight and action from your Kibana dashboards, make sure that all applications and services are up and running 24x7.


Capacity Planning & Cost Optimisation

Save up to 40% after first optimisation exercise. Get recommendations to meet capacity, cost & performance requirements.

health check2.png

Health Check on existing Cluster

Improve Elasticsearch health with specific highlights of problem areas and rectification of the health issues.

Consulting & Support for Elasticsearch 
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