Managed Cloud Services by SquareShift 

Transform, optimise and automate your cloud operations with our next-gen managed services.


From Chaos 

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To Clarity  

Cloud operations managed by SquareShift

  • Well Architected Framework

  • Proactive 24x7 monitoring of infrastructure, Network and Application Performance

  • Infra security baselining with adoption of benchmarking standards

  • Right sizing of infrastructure & utilisation of resources to avoid excessive billing

  • Reduce service downtime with 24*7 expert support SLA

Why SquareShift Managed Cloud Services ?

  • ​​Managed cloud solutions support your team with ongoing management that keeps your cloud running smoothly. 

  • SquareShift has a pool of certified engineers with rich experience in the cloud infra domain.

  • We operate 24x7 Network Operations Center.

  • Your business can eliminate capital expenditure on cloud management tools, human resources & focus on product innovation!

24x7 Monitoring & Alerts

​SquareShift Network Operations Center offers proactive 24x7 monitoring of infrastructure, Network and Application Performance.

We offer:

  • Design and deploy open-source monitoring system

  • Expand monitoring systems to all cloud systems & services

  • Design and implement solutions for anomaly detection and root cause analysis

  • Quicker response and resolution/support SLAs

  • Periodic architectural review & implementation of best practices

Value for your business:

  • Reduce service downtime with 24*7 expert help on incident resolution.

  • Improve system availability and reliability

  • Improves application performance

Security and Compliance

SquareShift managed cloud services offers intrinsic security protection to your applications and infrastructure cloud - avoiding risks with optional coverage for meeting regulatory requirements.


We offer:

  • Consultation, deployment & management of cloud native service, third party services to protect environment

  • Adoption of benchmarking such as ISO 27001, CIS, PCI-DSS, SOC1, SOC2,for infra security

  • Monthly patch management compliance

  • Quarterly Audit of Identity and access management & system security compliance

  • Consult, Deploy & manage controls based on regulatory audit requirements

Value for your business:

  • Reduce cybersecurity risks by enhancing infrastructure security

  • Reduce vulnerabilities in the system and proactively ensures that environment is compliant

Backup Management and Disaster Recovery

SquareShift managed cloud services offers fast and efficient backup for servers, virtualized environments, remote locations, NAS devices, desktops/laptops/mobile devices and complex applications utilizing secure and compliant data centers.

We offer:

  • Disaster Recovery Strategy

  • Backup and retention

  • Management Fallback mechanism

  • Disaster Recovery Testing [Quarterly / Half-yearly]

Value for your business:

  • Ensure business continuity with our digital disaster strategy and management

Cost Management

SquareShift Managed Cloud Service provides insights in billing and helps better prediction & management of cloud costs.


We offer:

  • Architectural reviews & re-engineering

  • Assessment & right sizing of the infrastructure to avoid excessive capacity

  • Setup right measure and controls [best practices] to avoid excessive utilisation of resources

Value for your business:

  • Get insights & transparency on cloud billing for long term cost management

  • Right size your infrastructure & control the utilisation of resources to avoid excessive billing

Incident Response and Mitigation

​SquareShift Managed Cloud Service supports businesses reduce service downtime with experts panel and guaranteed SLAs

We offer:

  • Best in class enterprise tools for continuous monitoring

  • Panel of certified experts for quicker incident resolution

  • Quicker response and resolution SLAs

Value for your business:

  • Reduce service downtime with 24*7 expert support on incident resolution

Incident Response and Mitigation

SquareShift Managed Cloud Service takes care of day-to-day & ad-hoc tasks. Clients can pick and choose from our suite of value added services


Value Added Services: 

  • Code Deployments

  • DB level troubleshoot support

  • Proof of Concept development

  • Disaster recovery testing

  • Antivirus Management Setup

  • Application Performance Management

Value for your business:

  • Focus on product development, product innovation while we take care of day to day & ad-hoc cloud operation

Why SquareShift

We’re a niche cloud consulting firm with a strong engineering Acumen and delivery excellence. We help Enterprises & Unicorn Startups to Adopt, Innovate, Operate, Secure and Manage Cloud through App Modernization, DevSecOps, and Data Engineering.



Strong engineering team with breadth of experience and depth of expertise combined with a seasoned leadership team.



We pride ourselves in serving our customers. Setting the right expectations, planning & systematically delivering is how we are built.



Identifying opportunities for improvements and iteratively building automated tools & processes to solve them is a part of our DNA.



Whether its a startup or an enterprise, our tiered pricing structure and shared services model delivers exceptional value at favourable costs.