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Migrating LXP platform infrastructure from AWS to GCP

SquareShift team has worked closely & extensively with Edcast team in migrating their LXP platform infrastructure from AWS to GCP using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Cloud Function, API Gateway, Cloud Storage, Cloud Key Management etc




Strategically customer would like to distribute their workload to GCP and reduce the overall cost. Objective is to migrate the workload without making large scale changes to the underlying architecture and deployment automation.



GCP certified solution architects from SquareShift Technologies worked with the customer and GCP solution architect and designed a blueprint architecture for the migration. As part of this effort we enhanced the existing terraform automation scripts to deploy the k8 cluster and compute engines in GCP. We also did a detailed TCO analysis and provided cost insights to the customer.




EdCast LXP platform is migrated to GCP and new customers are onboarded. The cost of saving for this platform is projected to be 17% less than the corresponding AWS platform.

The new LXP platform in GCP helped the customer to save the cost. This also enables them to use BigQuery and to get insights in realtime.



EdCast Inc. (EdCast) is an award-winning, AI-powered Knowledge Cloud for unified discovery and personalized learning.


The company has customers including Fortune 500 companies and governments. The platform helps companies to attract, develop and retain a high-performance and future-ready workforce


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