Observability in Multi-cloud Environment
Tue, 24 Aug | Webinar

Observability in Multi-cloud Environment

Aggregate logs, metrics & APM traces under a single stack. Monitor your applications and infrastructure for errors and bottlenecks. React to events with speed and precision.


24 Aug, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm SGT


Over the last decade, enterprises have rapidly adopted cloud-native infrastructure services, such as AWS, GCP, Azure,  in the form of microservice, serverless and container technologies. The conventional monitoring techniques and tools struggle to track the many communication pathways and interdependencies in these distributed architectures. 

Elastic Observability allows teams to monitor modern systems more effectively and helps them to find and connect effects in a complex chain and trace them back to their cause. Further, it gives system administrators, IT operations analysts and developers visibility into their entire architecture.


  • 5 minutes

    Introduction of the hosts

  • 5 minutes

    What is observability?

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