Splunk to Elastic Stack Migration

Expensive SIEM solutions stopping you from unlocking value out of your log data?

We can help you migrate to an AWS ElasticSearch SIEM stack that does not cost you a fortune.

Save up to


in license costs

  • Simple, transparent licenses

  • Similar features as Splunk

  • Pay as you scale

  • Cloud native stack with immense scalability & flexibility

  • Accelerated migration process


100 Million+

Events Processed



Servers Monitored


20 TB+

Data Managed



AWS Regions

Here’s how we can help 

With strong experience in Splunk and Elastic Search, Squareshift can help you assess, build, migrate & manage your ELK Stack.  Here’s a view of our engineered approach for a successful ELK Stack.


Applications, use cases and licenses

Catalog & Categorise

 Data sources, forwarders & deployment architecture

Build & Deploy

Parallel ElasticSearch stack and migrate data

Go Live & Track

 Productionise and monitor

Review & Optimise

Managed operations & continuous improvements

Operational simplicity, Automation, Best practices, Risk Management and Deliver business value

Let’s identify what works for you

Given the technical complexities in your stack and varying business priorities, we reckon not one approach fits all. Your business & needs are unique and hence we take a tailored approach, on top of the scenarios mentioned below.

Migration Approach

Move parallel

Build a parallel ES stack, validate &


Move iteratively

Migrate simple workloads first &  gradually migrate complex ones

Implement this stack for a new application

 Green field implementation

And get started, the risk-free way

We have made it easy for you to experiment, start small,  risk-free.  

Lets remove uncertainties with fixed price – fixed timeline packages shown below.

Splunk to ELK Migration Assessment


15 Days

Identify cost saves from migrating to ELK stack.


Get an assessment report on migration approach, plan, risks & mitigation

15 Days

PoC ELK Observability


30 Days

Implement end-to-end observability on ELK stack for a 3-tier workload across app, web, database, network & infra components

Splunk to ELK Migration


45 Days

Migrate a monolithic 3-tier cloud workload on Splunk to ELK Stack. Includes assessment, migration of data & reports to a ELK stack on prod.

*Indicative pricing based on generic client needs. You could actually be spending less.

Success Stories that you can relate to

Here’s a snapshot our experience across both worlds, Splunk and Elastic Stack.

Clients for whom we have set up  Elastic Stack for various use cases report better value,

in terms of cost savings, operational flexibility and scalability.  


A large event management firm uses Splunk to deliver real time event analytics and user engagement metrics


ES based data lake for US Unicorn EdTech SaaS startup 


A HK Digital Bank uses ELK stack for end-to-end observability

We can share a lot more over a call