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Our developers loved the simplicity of the Elastic Observability and the fact that it just worked.

Our issue resolution time improved drastically.

—  CTO, Hong Kong based fin-tech unicorn

Observability: Beyond Logs, Metrics & APM

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Hosted by:


Elango Balusamy

CTO, SquareShift

Elango has been on leadership roles at Fintech startups in architecting and delivering modern applications & SaaS applications production on cloud.

This webinar is for you If... 


  • You've tried (& failed) using multiple open source solutions.

  • You use multiple tools for logs vs monitoring vs APM vs alerts.

  • Your developers & IT Ops are struggling to debug in production.

We’ll show you how to use the Elastic Observability Platform to...

  • Consolidate logs, metrics, APM and alerts in one tool.

  • Deploy our full suite observability solution 3 weeks.

  • Pay as you go starting as low as $200/month.

  • Instrument a micro-services based application deployed in Kubernetes.

  • Observability in a multi cloud environment (GCP, AWS, Azure).

  • Use machine learning & alerts to prevent incidents and recover faster. 

  • Role based observability to foster collaboration between devs, IT-Ops & DevOps.

  • As a bonus, use Elastic SIEM for security event monitoring

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