Splunk to ElasticSearch

Slash costs and scale better. Migrate your log analytics from on-premise Splunk installation to ElasticSearch with our proven methodology.

Why migrate from Splunk to ElasticSearch

Don't limit the data and the valuable insights they provide because of License costs. Customers have migrated from on-premise Splunk to Managed ElasticSearch and saw real-time business and IT metrics, 24x7. 

#1 Cost:

Resource based pricing that ensures you pay for what is searchable than what is being ingested.

#2 Performance: 

Leverage the power of Schema-on-Write to deliver insights at near real-time. Top performance with minimal infra footprint.

#3 Unified Stack:

Unlike Splunk which ​has been assembled together to provide multiple services, Elastic stack was build ground up from logging, metrics and APM use cases.

  • Discovery

    • Map business goals and project outcomes

    • Document systems map, architecture, bottlenecks & risks.

    • Assemble project team, R&R & embed delivery processes.

  • Catalog and Categorise

    • Document data sources, reports & dashboards

    • Select tool chain for Elastic migration

    • Identify sources that are not being sent to Splunk

  • Build and Deploy

    • FIlebeat templates/ configurations 

    • Automated agent deployments

    • Log reconciliation setup

    • Dashboard and reports buildout

  • Go live and Track

    • Production parallel runs before cut-over

    • Monitoring to ensure log events are not missed

    • Handover to existing Infra team & train

  • Optimise & Iterate

    • Optimize infrastructure and indexes

    • Period maintenance tasks

    • Create new dashboards that leverage additional data sources

Our Migration Approach

Engagement Models

Discovery & Strategy

Customers evaluating Splunk alternatives and need a partner to understand their use cases, business requirements, existing environment, data models, etc and provide the best migration approach that is low cost and minimal operational impact​.


Organisation who has decided to migrate to Splunk and looking for expert consultants to execute the migration plan with minimal operational impact.

ElasticSearch Optimization

​Optimize an a newly migrated Elastic stack to improve ingestion speed or address issues with optimal shard strategy. Consult on the best approach for multi-cluster setup.​

Managed  ElasticSearch

Customers who have existing ElasticSearch installs and are looking for partners to optimize and manage instances that meet critical SLAs.​

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