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Looker Consulting Partner


Looker Speciality Solutions

Looker Embedded Analytics

Improve the user experience by embedding interactive data insights and reports directlyinto your applications and website.

Machine Learning Model Development

Train, validate and deploy custom ML models in real-world data applications to drivebetter decision-making

LookML data model development 

Make it easier for your business team to understand and to work with your data with Looker's powerful semantic modeling layer.

Integration - Tableau + Looker

Leverage the strengths of both tools to gain a deeper understanding of your data and make better, more informed decisions.

Data Driven Workflow Development

Improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance the overall effectiveness of your business workflow by collecting and analyzing data. 

Configure Role Based Access Control

Configure access to data resources or information and ensure that only authorized users are able to access them.

Looker solutions

Data Analytics with Looker

Looker Dashboards And Reports

Gain real-time insights from your data, and interpret data trends and patterns to make better and informed decisions.

Data Transformation - DBT & Dataform

Improve the quality and usefulness of your data, and ultimately drive better decision-making and business outcomes.

Pixel-perfect Reports with Looker

Present complex data and information in a clear and professional manner that  can be easily understood by the target audience.

Looker on GCP, AWS, Azure & On-Prem

Leverage the scalability, reliability, and security of GCP, AWS or Azure with the performance and flexibility of Looker's data platform. 

Data analytics strategy

Outline for your organisation to collect, analyze, and use data to meet business objectives such as customer satisfaction or better revenue.

Looker Consulting

Identify business use cases, get the most out of the platform and drive better business outcomes through data-driven decision-making.

Data Analytics

Migration to Looker

Domo to Looker Migration

Save upto 30% on data storage cost. Access powerful data modelling and visualisation tools with best-in-class embedded analytics.

Qlik To Looker Migration 

Get significantly better performance, scalability with rich visualisation tools, customisable user interface. Do away with feature based pricing. 

Microstrategy to Looker Migration 

Migrate to modern BI with powerful, easy-to-use user interface with minimal learning curve. Significantly better performance and scalability

 Tableau to Looker Migration

Save on license and maintenance cost while retaining the look and feel of dashboards, feature and functionalities of the reports. 

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Migration to looker

Support for Looker Deployments

Embedded Analytics troubleshooting

Take systematic approach for identifying the problem, gathering information and data, testing and implementing solutions.

Performance Optimisation

Ensure that Looker can handle large volumes of data and complex queries with zeroimpact on performance.

Cost Optimisation

Reduce the costs associated with Looker and data store while maintaining or improving the value and insights provided by the platform.

New Data Integrations

Integrate new data sources with existing looker. Define new data models and transformations to extract, clean, and organize the data.

Looker Healthcheck

Insights and information on the current state of a Looker installation, as well as identifying potential issues or areas for improvement. 

Data Architecture Consulting

Leverage our deep understanding of data systems, processes and best practices with a variety of data sources and technologies.

Administration support 

Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues and errors. Providing assistance with user management and security.

Support for Looker
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