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Have Fun.Learn.Grow
Work-life balance, Learning and growth
defines work culture at SquareShift
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Culture & Philosophy

We firmly believe that our growth, long term success & well being as an organisation are a direct outcome of the culture we consciously nurture.

 Curiosity and learning drive growth
  • Learn continuously, learn broad and dive deep on selected topics to build expertise.

  • Learning is not restricted to your area of work or a skill set. Use every opportunity to learn, teach, share, and contribute to the combined knowledge pool of the organisation.

You’re a leader
  • Be decisive. Displaying sound judgement and making decisions are a hallmark of a leader. Don't vacillate, don't expect to be spoon fed.

  • Always keep the ball moving forward. Young companies by their very nature have multiple targets. Choose the ones that are a priority and keep them moving forward - one inch at a time, every day.

A passion for quality and a culture of discipline
  • Begin with the end in mind. If you commit yourself to delivering quality products and solutions, you will plan adequately, budget conscientiously and work with sincerity.

  •  Build adaptable processes and employ a cookie cutter approach to execution.

A sense of belonging, camaraderie and doing “good”.
  • Have fun while you work hard. Treat people with respect. Think long term. Be sincere. Be a servant leader.

  • Make Squareshift a place for great people to come to work everyday.

Perks & Benefits
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Flexible Working Hours
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Mentorship and Learning
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Generous Compensation & Equity
MacBook for Everyone
Amazing Peers
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