Managed Cloud Services by SquareShift 

Transform, optimise and automate your cloud operations with our next-gen managed services.

From Chaos 

To Clarity  

Cloud operations managed by SquareShift

  • Cost Savings 

  • Operational efficiency 

  • Security baselining and best practices

  • Guaranteed SLA

  • Agility, flexibility and scalability

  • Well Architected Framework

Our Services

Service Monitoring
  • Compute: CPU, IO, Disk, OS etc.

  • Network: DNA, LB, CDN, Firewalls, Security groups, VPN etc.

  • Application: Uptime, API endpoints, SaaS dependencies, Logs, Performance, Errors etc.

  • Data: Storage, Backups, Utilisation

  • IAM: User, groups, role & credential management.

Periodic Tasks
  • Health reports:  Uptime, utilization, errors report, performance reports

  • Audit & Compliance reports: Access reports, IAM reports, Application audit trails, change management reports etc.

  • Data backups

  • Billing, Organisation & cost reports 

  • Asset and service inventory reports

Ad-hoc Tasks
  • Application deployments and releases.

  • Manual backups 

  • Patch management

  • Configuration management

  • Database & log dumps

  • Unscheduled reports

  • User management

Value Added Services*
  • Infrastructure automation

  • CI / CD Setup

  • Periodic & On-off and cost optimisation strategies

  • Application performance tuning

  • DR & BCP Drills

  • Reliability and availability reviews

  • Cloud operations best practices enablement

Why SquareShift

We’re a niche cloud consulting firm with a strong engineering Acumen and delivery excellence. We help Enterprises & Unicorn Startups to Adopt, Innovate, Operate, Secure and Manage Cloud through App Modernization, DevSecOps, and Data Engineering.


Strong engineering team with breadth of experience and depth of expertise combined with a seasoned leadership team.


We pride ourselves in serving our customers. Setting the right expectations, planning & systematically delivering is how we are built.


Identifying opportunities for improvements and iteratively building automated tools & processes to solve them is a part of our DNA.


Whether its a startup or an enterprise, our tiered pricing structure and shared services model delivers exceptional value at favourable costs.

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