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Consulting, implementation & support services for Broadcom Security and AIOps.

Squareshift offers solutions and accelerators to address bespoke requirements of Broadcom customers.

SquareShift founders and partners are ex-Broadcom executives.

Our Services for Broadcom Security & AIOps Solutions



We'll work with you to identify right Broadcom products & technical architecture to meet your requirements

New Deployment & Upgrades

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Deploy new Broadcom solutions or transit into latest versions efficiently with SquareShift's accelerators. 

Migration to Cloud


Migrate your on-prem solution to cloud with close to zero downtime using SquareShift's accelerator. 

Third Party Integrations


We’re experts at seamless third party application integration with the suite of Broadcom Security & AIOps solutions.

Remote Infrastructure Management

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Our RIM Services ensure the high performance and availability of your critical business services.

Maintenance and Support


Advanced technical support when you need it most, helping you save time, energy, and boost productivity

We are experts of Broadcom Security & AIOps solutions. 

Security Solutions

Broadcom Security Solutions Supported by SquareShift

Symantec Advanced Authentication

Mitigate threats and stimulate growth with solutions from Symantec.

Symantec Privileged Access Management

Protect your infra with Symantec Privileged Account Management

Identity and Access Management

Ensure trust and deliver great user experience for customers & employees.

Layer 7
API Gateways

Connect systems and apply consistent security and governance to APIs


Broadcom AIOps Solutions Supported by SquareShift

DX App Experience Analytics

 Real-time insight into
app performance and
user experience.

Application Performance Management

Deliver flawless user experiences with unmatched insight

DX NetOps Spectrum

Network fault management for superior root-cause analysis.

DX Operational Intelligence

Enable end-to-end observability across the entire digital delivery chain

DX NetOps Performance Management

Network performance monitoring for traditional, SDN and cloud networks

DX NetOps Network
Flow Analysis

Optimize application performance with visibility into network traffic flow.

DX Infrastructure Management

Comprehensive observability for hybrid environments

Application Delivery Analysis (Legacy)

application response
time monitoring


We've built accelerators for efficient upgrades, migrations and automations

Upgrade Symantec Advanced Authentication

Upgrade DX Infrastructure Management

Upgrade DX NetOps Performance Management

Migrate Broadcom AXA from on-prem to SaaS

Upgrade DX NetOps Spectrum

Upgrade Identity Manager

End to End Process Automation using ITSM and Automic

Upgrade APIM Gateway


Call us at +1 (925) 557-0333 for emergency support 

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