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AI, ML, Data Engineering services offered by Squareshift

AI, ML, Data Engineering

Data lakes, Advanced analytics and Machine learning - We help you harness the power of your data.

AWS Consulting Partner

We are an AWS Select Consulting Partner!

Our Services


  • Readiness assessment & maturity roadmap

  • Toolchain selection & implementation

  • Infrastructure-as-code automation

  • Multi-cloud & Hybrid deployment architecture

  • Cloud account setup

  • Scaling & Performance optimisation of workloads

  • DevSecOps

Data Engineering

  • Design & development of data aggregation and event processing architectures - Redshift, Kinesis, BigQuery.

  • ETL, database design and data pipelines - AWS Glue, Azure Data Factory.

  • Machine learning toolkit deployment and configuration - AWS SageMaker, Tensorflow etc.

  • Analytics & reporting tools- AWS Athena & QuickSight, Azure Insights.

Enterprise Apps

  • Design thinking & design sprints workshops

  • Rapid prototyping

  • MVP build-out and iterative product development.

  • Platform scaling, application modernisation and micro-services based architectures

  • Web & mobile app development using modern stacks like RoR, ReactJS, Golang, Elixir

  • Agile enablement

What Our Customers Say 
rajal shah.jpeg

Rajal Shah

VP of Engineering

SquareShift helped us to build our data pipeline and ETL framework on Amazon AWS. In matter of weeks, they put together a scalable, reliable solution and helped us to go live. We are excited to be working with them

alex rudenko.jpeg

Oleksander Rudenko

Chief Technology Officer

SquareShift helped us move fast and secure our cloud workloads and infrastructure. They are experts in what they do and delivered substantial value to us. We're delighted with the engagement and look forward to working together.

shaun yang.jpeg

Shaun Yang

VP of Engineering

SquareShift's deep understanding of AWS and DevOps helped us with the Security and Reliability of our cloud. They allowed us to be more confident in handling the demands of our FI clients.

Past work experience and clients

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