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Purple Podiums
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GCP BI and Data Engineering Speciality

Business Intelligence Modernisation

Gain a competitive edge, improve your operations, and drive better business outcomes by modernizing your BI systems with GCP.

Data Lake Modernisation

Empower your teams to securely and cost effectively process, store, and analyze large amounts of diverse and high-quality data.

Modern Data Mesh

Foster collaboration and innovation, and to avoid the challenges of a centralized data governance model, such as data silos, with GCP dataplex.

Data Strategy Consulting

Identify and address any issues in the data for accuracy, completeness, consistency, and conformity to defined standards and policies.

GCP BI and Data Engineering Speciality

Streaming Analytics

Improve the speed and accuracy of your data analysis and make informed decisions in real time with GCP Pub/Sub.

GCP BI Speciality

GCP Data Engineering Solutions

Data Governance

Ensure data compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and policies. Automatically discover, classify, and protect sensitive data in real time.

Data Quality Monitoring

Identify and address any issues in the data for accuracy, completeness, consistency, and conformity to defined standards and policies.

Data Warehouse

Empower your organization to store, process, and analyze large amounts of data quickly and easily with GCP BigQuery service.

Machine Learning Ops

Automate and streamline the ML model development and deployment process Monitor and manage the performance of ML models.

GCP Data Engineering Solutions

Machine Learning Model Development

Develop and deploy high-quality ML models on the GCP platform with GCP AI Platform, Collaboratory, BigQuery and TensorFlow.

ETL Design

Efficiently and cost-effectively extract & transform data from various sources with GCP Data Fusion, Cloud Storage and Pub/Sub.

GCP Solutions

Migrations to Google Cloud Platform

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AWS to Google Cloud Migration

Access wider range of native tools, better performance and faster processing times for
your data engineering workloads.

Azure to Google Cloud Migration

Leverage modern data engineering services and tools. Take advantage of GCP’s competitive pricing and discounts for long-term.

On-prem to Google Cloud Migration

Take advantage of GCP's scalable and reliable infrastructure, reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

Migration to GCP

GCP BI and Data Engineering Support

Performance Engineering

Identify potential performance bottlenecks and implement solutions to improve the speed, reliability, and scalability of your data systems.

Cost Optimisation

Save up to 40% after first optimisation exercise. Get recommendations to meet capacity, cost & performance requirements.

Managed Services

Focus on core business activities, improve data security, system efficiency and cost savings by leveraging our managed GCP Services.

Health Check

Improve GCP Data Tools & Services health with specific highlights of problem areas and rectification of the health issues.

Data Architecture Assessment

Improve data quality, performance and reduce cost by conducting a comprehensive assessment of data architecture on GCP 

GCP BI Support
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