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BI & Data Customer Success Stories

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Automating & Identifying risk signals

Automation of risk analysis, implementation of ML and NLP capabilities to derive meaningful insight with dashboards

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Real Time tracking using Looker

Providing near real-time insights for end-user with the possibility of embedding the same report on the web page using Looker.

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Development of IM Data Lake 

Designing and developing Investment Management Data Lake for financial, economical, and research data

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FX and Equity recommendations

Creation of an Investment Management Data Lake with historical and incremental financial, economic, and research data for all asset classes.


Migration from AWS to GCP

Migration of large-scale, near-real-time analytics data from AWS to GCP for an EdTech unicorn company


Cost & material optimization by ML

Creation of ML algorithms to forecast early in the process and developed prescriptive models to suggest process variables

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Remote damage assessment model

Real-time video and image processing model to detect the car's make and severity of the damage.


Automating the verification process

Automation of manual verification that scans building plans as input and used computer vision to extract specs.


Faster issue resolutions using NLP

Translation of Japanese to English and the NLP algorithm was deployed in the cloud to provide the best User Interface

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