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Redefining Search: Harnessing Generative AI, NLP and Semantic Search

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Webinar on Demand 

Presented by:

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Stephen Raj Arokiasamy/

Head of Data and AI

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Greg Crist
Principal Solutions Architect


This webinar will equip you with the information and tools you need to improve your
search experience.


Learn step-by-step how to leverage Semantic Search, NLP, and Generative AI to deliver experiences that make your users say "Wow!"


From pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, Generative AI is influencing different industries. Uncover the subtle changes Generative AI brings and its significant impact across various sectors.


See firsthand how Generative AI has empowered our customers to achieve the search outcomes they desire. Additionally, we will explore LLM, ESRE, Hybrid search, Generative AI, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) on your search journey


  • Identify search-related trouble points such as irrelevant results, uncertainty, noisy data, and more.

  • Improved search relevance through semantic search, including vector embedding and hybrid search techniques.

  • In the live demo, we will illustrate the differences between Generative AI solutions and traditional methods.

  • If you are a decision-maker, you will learn new and innovative use cases of Hybrid Search and GenAI. If you are a developer, we will show you some of the architectures and techniques used for GenAI. This webinar has something for everyone.


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