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From infrastructure-as-code to operations automation and everything in between.

DevOps Services

Evolve your application delivery from large-scale, big-bang implementations to a continuous stream of digital innovations. Through DevOps, business, development and operation teams are aligned to  automate processes and streamline IT.

Strategy: We can help you discover the benefits of technology advances that drive continuous delivery.


Implementation: We can implement and run the tools necessary for supporting Continuous Delivery and DevOps.


Complementary capabilities: We provide additional capabilities to extend beyond DevOps for faster delivery of IT-based solutions, including:

  • Agile: Iterative and incremental development

  • Cloud: Workload management on demand

  • Lightweight architecture: Quick set up and efficient operations

  • Security: Greater resilience and fewer threats

  • Testing: Automated test techniques

Areas Of Expertise
Containerization & Kubernetes
Simplify application development by bundling distributed services into a container and automate provisioning, security & scaling.
Serverless Computing
Building systems using a serverless architecture can radically simplify server management & cost. You only pay for server time you use.
Continuous Integration & Delivery CI/CD
Accelerate time to market and streamline software delivery by incorporating continuous integration and delivery practices.
Provision infrastructure consistently, on-demand, at the speed of software development through infrastructure-as-code.
Configuration Management
Establish consistent system configuration throughout the system life cycle, usage, detect & repair drift. Save time, cost and minimise risk.
Embed security into SDLC, detect risks early, automate security assessment and drive a culture of secure software engineering from the ground up.
Performance Optimization
De-bottleneck choke points, optimise resource utilisation & improve user experience through performance optimisation.
Operations Automation
Automate capacity & scaling, reduce manual errors, meet compliance requirements through IT operations automation for your cloud workloads.
High Availability
Improve system resilience, meet SLAs, simplify maintenance and build trust with your users and stakeholders by engineering high availability solutions.
Our DevOps Enablement Approach
  • Maturity Assessment

    2-4 weeks exercise to understand the current status of  DevOps and provide maturity level report.

  • Discovery &

    2 weeks exercise to discuss the requirements with the stakeholders and catalogue them.

  •   DevOps  Blueprint

    SquareShift selects the appropriate tool stack and builds DevOps blueprint based on the client’s unique needs and scope.

  • Build &

    SquareShift implements the tool chain, operationalises recommendations, trains the client team and transfers knowledge.

  • Optimise &

    Monthly and quarterly reviews to identify areas of gaps, improvements and efficiencies.

Tools and Technologies

 Case Study 

One of HongKong's top digital banks builds a cutting-edge DevOps stack with SquareShift

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