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"The latest cyberattacks speedily exploit vulnerabilities in computer networks and

can overtake even major networks in an hour and a half."

— Justin Fier, Director of Cyberintelligence & Analytics, Darktrace

Turbocharge Your Cloud Security and Defend Against Ransomware

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Webinar on Demand 

Hosted by:

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Aananth Solaiyappan

Aananth drives SquareShift's strategic vision and operations. He is a serial entrepreneur and has held several technology and product leadership positions in Standard Chartered Bank,, and Oracle Corp.

This webinar is for you If... 


  • You are having sleepless nights due to inadequate security controls

  •  You don’t have the capability to hunt stealthy attackers.

  • You want to rise above The Cyber Poverty Line

  •  You don't want security incidents to cost you upwards of $200,000

We’ll show you how to use a Unified Platform to...

  • Supercharge your defenses against malware and ransomware

  • Enhance user behavior analytics for threat detection & prevention

  • Do away with alert burnout using ML-based anomaly detection & alerts

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